Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #13

Petite Fashion Challenge #13

This month's petite fashion challenge was hosted by www.reallypetite.com   The goal is to created a Stylish for under $100: Put together a professional outfit (excluding shoes and accessories) for under $100  or Bonus points if you can put together a completed outfit includes shoes and accessories for under $100.

I am so excited about this challenge, because that's basically my idea for my everyday outfit.  I tried to find good quality, stylish, and yet not pricy garments. You can still look good withouth going over the top of your budget.

Lately, I am really into color blocking garments.  This simple color blocking blouse fits my daily simple style.  I like how it's only the front that has the colors, and the back of the blouse is plain. 
The knit skirt from H & M is super soft, and is very simple in style can be worn over and over again with many other ensembles. 

    Blouse: $16.99 from Marshall
    Belt: $5.99 from Marshall, purchased long time ago.
    Skirt: $5.95 from H& M ( Recently)  it comes in many different colors.  
    Shoe: Open toe pump $29.99 New Twist from Marshall, purchased long time ago. 

Total: $58.92


Laura Frost said...

I love your blouse and how you belted it! Well done!

marisabel r. said...

Nice Outfit! Great job on the challenge.

Andrea said...

i like it.

About Me said...

thank you all : )

just tututiny said...

That blouse is gorgeous, great colorblocking item for the Spring time, great find!

My 2nd time joining PFC and I still love seeing everyone's outfit. Please check out my outfit too if you have the time, thanks!

With Each Passing Day said...

Love the color blocking blouse. You did an awesome job and kept everything no only $100 but $60. Amazing.