Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lookbook: Black Blazer Outfit # 3

Hello Everyone:

This is the 3rd outfit I pair with the black blazer. Outfit 1 ,Outfit 2  I am so in love with this black blazer I bought not too long ago.  A well cut, nice material black blazer is a closet essential.

Blazer: Gibson from Marshall
Dress: from Marshall


noniq said...

Nice !
I also have black blazer and seldom to wear it since I don't know how to style it into casual one and not look too formal every time I wear it :)

Looks good on you :)

About Me said...

Hello Noniq:

thanks : ) like the top you design yourself. we share something in common, I also teach kids piano. : )

thanks you for stopping by my blog.

June said...

It's a good combination with the dress! I wore my black blazer again today! (:

About Me said...

Hello June:

yeah..............blazer here you go : )