Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flat Shoe With Elastic

Hello Everyone, hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I am sure every girl has at least one pair of flat shoe.  Doesn't matter how much we love high heels, sometimes our feet need a little rest.  Recently, I bought a pair of black leather flat shoe from Loehmann ( a very good deal) , and it's the first time I bought a flat shoe that doesn't stay flat, and shaped like a U.  I know couple of the big brand name make this type of flat shoes (ex. Tods, Tory Burch)  and I seen many ladies wearing them.  I always wonder are they really comfortable? Does the back of the elastic hurt?  I just can never seems to convince myself to get one.  This pair of new black leather flat shoe changed my view.  It's super soft leather, and has the key element I love on the top ( Bow ^^ )

If anyone is like me and thinking of getting one of those type of flat shoe, couple key points to watch out for:
* try them on ( of course )
* get a half size bigger then u normally wear ( ex. I normally wear size:7, I got my in size: 7.5)  so
   the back of the elastic is not too tied.
* Usually the leather kind will be much softer then the manmade kind.
* try the shoe again and walk around some more at home, before you actually wearing them outside.

                                                        Black Leather Bow Flat Shoe: Tahari Villa

To buy the exact pair: ( Here )

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