Saturday, January 7, 2012

Buy or no buy?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend  : )   Usually I tried to go shopping at Marshall once a week.  I liked to see what they'r having in the store, and hope to find some bargains. ( yeah!)  Sometimes I am very lucky and find lots of good deals, sometimes I am just not in good luck.  I enjoyed the moments of finding "treasures" at those discounted store, and also enjoy browsing, trying different clothes.

My finding this week:
Black Fur Collar Cardigan by Vince Camuto marked down $45 (Here) The faux fur is removable. I think the length of the cardigan and the sleeves is a little bit too short for me. But I do like the removable fur collar.

Verdict: didn't buy it.

Khaki Belted Poncho new item in the store $19.00.  Poncho is in this year, and this ponco is light weight, and is similar to a trench coat.  I liked the waist belt so it still give you shapes.

Verdict:  didn't buy it.  already had a trench coat, and a black wool poncho. 

I went home empty handed this week from Marshall, hopefully better luck next time. 

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