Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New handbag babies

Hello Everyone:

We got rain today.   : (    It's back to the cold weather.  But, something happy for me today, because I just received my 2 new handbags. : )    The handbag is by Kate Spade (Campbell) It comes in 2 sizes.  It has 3 seperate compartment interior, one with zipper.   I can't decide which color and size to keep, what do you think?


TINA said...

Both of them are adorable but I prefer the black one. It is classic and more versatile. However, if you already have several black handbags, you should keep the purple one.

About Me said...

Hi Tina:

ya, that's why i can't decide btw them. I do have some black handbags already. how ever, the other one is actully a brownish/grey color. I guess must be the lighting that makes it look purple.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stoping by my blog. that means a lot to me. : )

Andrea said...

i like the purple one. How much are they if you dont mind me asking?