Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge # 19

Petite Fashion Challenge # 19

This month's petite fashion challenge was hosted by: http://www.pandaphilia.com/

 The 19th PFC: Trend Benders. Pick your favourite Summer or Fall 2012 trend and make it work for you, whether it's going all-out, incorporating it into a professional outfit or using it in moderation. For example - how would you bend this neon brights trend into something in sync with your personal style? Challenge yourself - you might even take something you think would never work on you and get creative! Extra brownie points if you can use your trend in more than one look.

This year's one big trend is polka dot, which happen to be one of my favorite trend.  Here is my challenge of pairing with big polka dots, and small polka dots together.

A closer look of the dots:

What I am wearing:
Blouse: Marshall (Old)
Pant: Marshall


Kathleen Lisson said...

I love polka dots, too!

Anonymous said...

I love the polka dot top :)


Shamelessly Overdressed said...

Hi fellow PFCer,

What a cute blouse... great find! :) Love those polka dots!

Love, S


Cafe24 Fashion Blog said...

I agree! :) It's really for petite!