Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ruffle-Front Henley Tops

Today is the first day i went shopping after Christmas,trying to avoid the "crowd".  Didn't
expect to find good items since it's the 3rd day after Christmas.  Many new styles added in the store, and luckily still many items at the sale rack.  I found this cute "Ruffle-front Henley Tops" Here at a very good price $5.49.  It's cotton/polyester, and it's super soft, and comfy.  For this price,  I am definitely getting some.  I ended up getting the white, and green. ( They didn't have the green color options on the web, maybe it's already sold out????? Also, I noticed the price is cheaper in the store. )

Noticed the gaps at the front of the neckline?  It's closed with hook-and-eye closure.  The gap is a little too big for me, and I think I have a way to solve the problem. : )

I turned the top inside out, hold the two sides of the gap and hand sewn them together with matching thread. 

Da La~~~~~~~  here is the result~~~~~~~~~

Now i don't have to worry about the gaps   : )

Here is the other color of the Ruffle-front Henley Tops that didn't offer online anymore.  I hand sewn the front gaps the same way as the white one.

I can't wait to mix & match the top with my other items.  Stay tuned  : )

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